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Back Massage

We have Traditional Massage,  Lava Shell Massage and No Hands Massage

Plus our Touch Therapies which are 15 minute ‘add-ons’ giving extra attention where you need it most.  A Touch Therapy can be added to virtually any treatment we offer.

Traditional Massage

Total Indulgence Massage
Full Body, Face & Scalp
75 mins£61
Full Body Massage60 mins£51
Post Workout Massage
Back, Shoulders & Legs
60 mins£51
Back Neck & Shoulder Massage45 mins£45
Back Massage30 mins£34

Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shell - PHOTO

Lava Shells generate heat for over an hour, and are perfect for stress busting and promoting deep relaxation. The Lava Shell  massage is a deeply comforting massage which uses recycled, naturally self-heating Tiger Clam shells from the sun kissed shores of the Philippines. These marine polished sea shells glide smoothly over your skin, and with their soothing heat are perfect for men or women that want deep tissue work, as they help release muscle tension, unblock energy flow, and leave you feeling rejuvenated

Full Body90 mins
60 mins

Core Strength - treats the stomach & back, balancing the body. Good for IBS, bloating, poor digestion & minor backache
A natural colonic treatment, using self-heating lava shells to massage the back & abdominal area to improve the functionality of the digestive system & reduce minor aches & pains. The combination of the soothing heat & gentle massage stimulates the body’s natural systems to effectively eliminate toxins, reduce bloating & promote deep relaxation.
Core Strength45 mins£48

Lava Rescue - a deep tissue treatment to relax muscles & reduce inflammation. Perfect for fitness related aches & pains.

For those who lead an active life style & enjoy a deep tissue treatment. A combination of heat & ice treatment which eases aches, pains, stress & tension.

A combination of deep massage with warm shells to relax muscles & cool Glacial shells to reduce inflammation. This is the perfect choice for treating fitness related aches & pains. The specialised deep massage techniques target trigger points in muscles which are responsible for tension & referred pain. Your treatment will be tailored to suit your individual needs & leave you feeling invigorated, muscle s will be relaxed & aches & pains will be significantly reduced.
Lava Rescue Full Body
Lava Rescue Upper or Lower Body
90 mins
45 mins

Hot Lava Shell kits are available to purchase in the salon – ideal for use in between treatments.

No Hands Massage

No Hands Massage - LOGO

This is a deep tissue massage which means that your injuries, aches and pains can be smoothed away.  Rebecca has undertaken multiple intensive training courses to be able to provide clients with this different form of massage experience.

Full Body Massage60 mins£53

Touch Therapies

Our Touch Therapies  can be used as ‘add-ons’ to virtually any treatment to provide that little bit extra attention to certain areas.

Choose from:

Hands & Arms

Each Touch Therapy lasts for 15 minutes and costs £15.

Please note: Touch Therapies are only available as an add-on to other treatments, not as a stand-alone treatment although you may book 2 or 3 Touch Therapies together to form a single treatment.