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BROW by Mii

Brows and lashes - PHOTO

A bespoke eyebrow styling service which combines an in depth consultation, double strength tint, waxing & finishing products with a tutorial to enhance your natural brow.

This is a 40 minute treatment and costs £35 with a Senior Therapist and £31 with a Therapist

(You will need to book a patch test if you haven’t had either a patch test ora BROW by Mii  treatment in the last 6 months or your medical history has changed)


Caring for and maintaining your BROW by Mii

Care For Mii

For best results, avoid the following on your brow area for 24 hours after treatment:

  • using skin care products on the brow area- gently cleanse with luke warm water
  • applying make-up other than Mii minerals
  • touching, rubbing or scratching
  • exposure to sun or excess heat, e.g. steam rooms, sunbeds, hot showers

Maintain Mii

  • We recommend a maintenance appointment every 4-6 weeks
  • Between appointments, any noticeable regrowth can be disguised using the conceal end of the Conceal & Contour duo
  • Should you wish to tidy your brows before your next treatment, use our Definitive Slant tweezers for effortless precision, do not go too close to the brow line so that it does not affect your treatment plan
  • Finishing products are available to purchase in the salon to help maintain your perfect brow for longer


CACI Hand Mask & Electro Gloves- can be added to most CACI treatments£15
Paraffin Wax- can be added to nail services£13
Intensive Moisture Socks or Gloves- can be worn during most treatments £10
Hot Lava Shell- a must to add to a massage for tension ( relaxation£8
Heated Eye Mask- great to add to massage, reflexology & more!£5
Ice Globes- can be added to Dermalogica facials£5