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Our Senior Therapists are trained in the use of the  Cryopen –  a state of the art treatment using extreme cold (cryotherapy) to painlessly and safely destroy unwanted, benign, superficial lesions on the skin, such as skin tags, milia, cherry angiomas,  resistant hyperpigmentation, warts and verrucae.

No anesthesia is required and the procedure is virtually painless.

Consultation – you must have a consultation before having any cryotherapy treatment. 

The initial consultation costs £10 and is redeemable against the cost of a cryotherapy treatment taken within a month of the consultation

Small Lesions
3mm or less

1 – 3 Lesions – £60
4 -5 Lesions – £70

Medium Lesions
over 3mm

1 – 3 Lesions – £70
4 -5 Lesions – £90

Warts or Verrucae
Pre-treatment preparation is required

£60 per treatment
3 – 6 treatments may be required