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LVL eyelash perm befor & after - PHOTO

Gives your own natural lashes

Length, Volume & Lift

with no extensions required.

A low maintenance treatment lasting up to 6 weeks.

Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum is recommended for daily use after LVL.
Available to purchase in the salon.

Senior Therapist
LVL Lash Lift - with top & bottom lash tint£60£57
LVL Lash Lift - with top lash tint£57£54
LVL Lash Lift - no lash tint£52£49
LVL Advanced - with top & bottom Lash LVL with tint£75n/a
LVL Colour Boost - recommended 4 weeks after LVL£20£17

Please note that some people are experiencing increased sensitivity to products after having had Covid-19 and/or having been vaccinated against it.   

You will need to book a patch test if you haven’t had either a patch test or a LVL and/or tinting treatment in the last 6 months or your medical history has changed.

Please tell your therapist if you have had Covid-19 and/or have been vaccinated against Covid-19.


CACI Hand Mask & Electro Gloves- can be added to most CACI treatments£15
Paraffin Wax- can be added to nail services£13
Intensive Moisture Socks or Gloves- can be worn during most treatments £10
Hot Lava Shell- a must to add to a massage for tension ( relaxation£8
Heated Eye Mask- great to add to massage, reflexology & more!£5
Ice Globes- can be added to Dermalogica facials£5