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Beauty Be Mine Retail Display - PHOTO
We sell a range of:

  • Dermalogica products
  • OPI products
  • Fresh Minerals make-up
  • CACI Amino lift peptide
  • Hot Lava Shell home use kit
  • Proto-Col Scrubs (Dead Sea Salt with essential oils)

In addition, we have a small supply of beauty related books for sale.



Be Beautiful Book - PHOTO
At some point, every girl is going to come up with a whole bunch of questions about her skin, her hair, her looks … and when Alice’s daughter, Molly, started asking, there seemed to be so many, you could write a book. With chapters about hair, make-up, spots, skincare, hair removal, manicures, pedicures and how to look good in pictures, this fabulous beauty bible extends a sympathetic helping hand as it guides teenagers through the minefield of often inappropriate beauty advice in a friendly and informative way.

Combine this book with a DERMALOGICA CLEAR START KIT for a great gift for a young girl

Face Forward Book - PHOTO

Make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin’s faces appear in editorial features, fashion shows, music videos and advertising campaigns as well as on the covers of virtually every major magazine. He astonishes with his incredible transformations of famous and ordinary people and demonstrates how anyone can have a variety of different ‘faces’. He applies his make-up magic to non-celebrities, and for each of them comes up with two or three new looks. For each and every face, both famous and not, he provides step-by-step instructions and illustrations. With this gorgeous and practical book, anyone can ‘face forward’ with confidence and style.