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Lycon Hot Wax Legs - PHOTO LyconLogoWe use Lycon Hot Wax for those more sensitive areas. A pre-wax oil provides a barrier preventing trauma and irritation to the skin, making waxing a more comfortable, clean & efficient experience.  Lycon is a low temperature hot wax which shrink wraps the hairs, removing hair as short as 1 mm.


Full Leg  £28
¾ Leg   £22
½ Leg: Lower  £18   Upper  £20
Bikini Line £13   Brazilian £26   Hollywood  £33  (All with Lycon Hot Wax)
Full Leg & Bikini Line £36 (with Lycon Hot Wax)
Stomach £6
Buttocks £8
Under Arm £12 (with Lycon Hot Wax)
Full Arm £20
½ Arm £15
Lip or Chin £9 (with Lycon Hot Wax)
Lip and Chin £15 (with Lycon Hot Wax)
Eyebrow Shape £11 (with Lycon Hot Wax)
Nostrils £8 (with Lycon Hot Wax)

We offer the application of a mineral foundation after facial waxing to minimise redness



Eyebrows £11 (with Lycon Hot Wax)
Chest £25
Back £25
Back & Chest £45
Shoulders £8